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Why running on an empty stomach in the morning?

Physical activity before breakfast can dramatically change you inside out.

This kind of running has 2 major benefits.

1. It’s perfect for weight loss.
2. It is the best to be able to run long without food.

When running in the morning on an empty stomach, lipid metabolism develops. Your body gets energy from fatty acids, fats, ketone bodies and cholesterol. While others are chewing on candy bars, you will learn how to run long without conventional food. And you will quickly burn those extra pounds.

A few important nuances:

 ☑️ Run slow and easy, don’t push your pace above conversational. at least 40 minutes.

☑️ Run before breakfast for at least 40 min to get optimal effect.

☑️ Get ready for slight dizziness. That’s how your body learns to run on fats.

☑️ Don’t overeat during the day to keep these effects working.

☑️ Do not run on an empty stomach with diabetes

Have you tried running like this already? How does it feel?