Run your fastest marathon and qualify for World Major series
with OMY!Run Coaching App
Our promise
Run faster,
follow the plan
Follow your OMY!Run training plan and run 20 min faster for 42,2 km in 6 months. Usually, it means achieving your Personal Best.
Qualify for World Marathon Majors
Qualifying for Tokyo, London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago or New York Marathons is about time and preparation. OMY! Run will help you to get there!
Get your running weight
Weight loss is the most effective way to run faster. It works perfectly until it breaks your muscles. OMY!Run will help you to achieve optimal marathon weight.
Train individually and achieve goals
Marathon preparation is very individual. Follow you personal plan or work with Coach to achieve your goal
What you get
Health & Fitness Test results
Go through our sport survey to know your fittness strengths and limitations, achievable future running results, weight loss potential and Vo2MAX level. No running needed!
Tailor made training plan
Your personalized plan tells you when (which days), what (step-by-step description), how fast (individual pace for every workout), how much (volume in km) and how technically (video & comments) you should run.
Optimal weight (diet & nutrition) plan
Achieving your optimal running weight is the best way to run faster. We will provide you with nutrition plan and eating schedule to maximise your running potential
24/7 communication and support
Do you have any questions? Talk to our coaching support team 24/7 in your App coaching chat. Find the answer, stay motivated, get supported or guided by the Team.
Personal coach
Find a coach who will watch you, make manual plan changes, answer your questions. We set-up personal/group training sessions with live coaches in different locations upon request.
Flexible (adaptive) training
Your training program dynamically adapts to your life circumstances and training abilities. Missed your workout? Felt tired during your last run? Our workout planning algorithm will update your next days' plan accordingly.
How it works
Download App and go through Fitness Test
Download App, answer our fitness survey and get to know your running level and achievable results
Choose your tariff

Choose your training plan, add diet (optimal weight plan). You're set!
Get your training week

Your training and nutrition schedules are waiting for you in the App
Start running

Start running, talk to coach, analyse, share with friends
Personal coach for everyone
tailor-made training plans
24/7 communications
diet & nutrition
Individual training plan, diet & nutrition, 24/7 communication, life-sport balance, progress tracking, analysis, all in in one App
Training plans
Choose what works for you
Individual training plan. Weekly refreshed and adjusted. Weekly training summary included. No talks, only running.
Tailor-made training plan with adjustable (flexible) weekly schedule.
24/7 communication via chat and emails. Weekly adjusted based on training data uploaded
Optimal weight plan included!
Your professional personal coach with the individual program and live training sessions. 24/7 communications via chat, emails and Zoom. Real-time plan adjustment. Season planning.
Optimal weight plan included!
Features and prices
Free of charge
Price per month
12 months subscription
0,00 Euro
7,90 Euro
15,90 Euro
49,90 Euro
Running & Nutrition test + results
Weekly training plan + updates
24/7 communications: chat and emails
Diet & Nutrition: weight loss plan
Race day plan: pace + nutrition
Personal coach
Weekly video chat with coach
Meet the Team
CEO, co-founder
Oleg has 20 years of professional management and business development experience in investments, insurance, personal medical services, and Pharma as CEO/MD. He is a long time age-group triathlete and participated in many Olympic, 70.3 and Full distance races of Ironman and Challenge Family series, incl. Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2019. Last 5 years Oleg is a personal sports Coach for age-group triathletes, runners and bikers.
CTO, co-founder
Yury is a professional software developer with 20-year experience in telecommunications, insurance, and media. For several years he is applying artificial intelligence for endurance coaching of his own. Yury is doing different endurance sports for more than 20 years incl. MTB and triathlon. He participated in many Olympic, 70,3 and full distance Ironman and Challenge Family races. Yury is a member of the MACH3 triathlon Club in Cologne.
Head Coach, co-founder
Max is a professional endurance sports coach with 10-years of experience. He is a former professional triathlete, participant and top-3 performer of many European and Asian ITU-series events. Max is the National Kazakhstan Champion and member of the Russian Triathlon Team. He graduated from Lesgaft National State University of Physical education, Sports and Health with Sports Education Technologies Diploma in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Chief of Staff
Anastasia has 15 years of experience in business administration and business management in the social sphere, investments and real estate projects. For the last 7 years, she is actively involved in sports camps administration and psychological aspects of endurance athletes preparation. Anastasiia holds a master's degree in social sciences and speaks English and German.
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Berlin, Moscow, Köln, St. Petersburg
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