Personal coach for everyone
tailor-made training plans
24/7 communications
diet & nutrition
Individual training plan, diet & nutrition, 24/7 communication, life-sport balance, progress tracking, analysis, all in in one App
How it works
Test your fitness level and get individual training program
Make a sport check-up to know your fitness level and get your personal training program
Upload the App and check your individual training program
You will find all you need to start training in your training calendar: detailed workouts description, videos and chat with coach. Download App, connect to Strava and Zwift. You are set!
Start training FOR FREE! Follow the plan and achieve your goal
Stratrt training NOW and FOR FREE! Follow your programm and achieve your goal! 5% faster and lighter guaranteed!
Data-driven tailor made training programm
Your training plan is made to your measures: training days, workouts content, heart rate, pace and power are yours only.
Your personal life changes, health and recovery fluctuations trigger program adaptation. What doesn't change is your goals that will be achieved!
Human touch and artificial intelligence combined
Get professional coaching support 24/7. Communicate in chat or email. Give us feedback, write post-workouts notes. Our algorithms will help our coaches to make it perfectly yours. But coach is ultimately responsible.
Achieve you sports and health goals
Once you achieve your goal we feel accomplished. We help to lose weight, make you a faster runner or swimmer. We will help to qualify to Marathon Majors, UCI Tour Rides, Haute Route or TransAlp. Our clients aim to get to Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii and win Age-groups
Training plans
Choose what works for you
7,99 Euro/month*
Flexible and individual training plan. Weekly refreshed and adjusted to your life and fitness changes. No talks, only running.

* for 12 months subscription
15,90 Euro/month*
Tailor-made training plan with adjustable weekly schedule.
24/7 communication via chat and emails. Weekly adjusted based on training data uploaded
Interval Fasting (weight loss) included!

* for 12 months subscription
Premium MultiSport
56,60 Euro/month
For triathletes and multisports fans. Tailor-made multisport training plan (incl. run, swim, bike). Weekly adjustable schedule based on training data. 24/7 communications and support.
Interval fasting (weight loss) included!

* for 6 months subscription
about us
OMY! Sports & Health is your personal digital sports and health coach. We get sport and healthy lifestyle together to make it a holistic and individual adaptive program. We combine awesome App, 24/7 support of professional coaches and AI-based fitness-data driven algorithms.
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Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Köln
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